We were founded in 1998 for the purpose of professional development, manufacture and sale of a machine with which Rhinestone, Decorative stud, Artificial pearls and various accessories are attached to clothing, shoes, hat, belt, wallet, ribbon etc.   Our major products are METAL STUD SETTING MACHINE intended for attaching decorative studs, AUTOMATIC PEARL AT- TACHING MACHINE for attaching artificial pearls and HOT-FIX SETTING MACHINE for attaching rhinestones. In addition, we have newly developed a machine for attaching Half pearls and for shoes making machine. This machine is very economical since merely with change of mold, it is capable of attaching accessories of various shap- es and sizes. Furthermore, it is to easy and simple to exchange the mold. it is designed in such a way that even a beginner can use it without difficulty and thus very efficient. In particular, as our product uses a vibrator in supplying decorative studs, artificial pearls, half pearls or pins, it works in a very fast and stable manner, thus maintaining high reliability when attaching accessories.   Further, due to less consumption of small amount of compressed air for attachment, it is economical, It is easy to adjust operation speed by simply pressing the keypad. The entire machine and each part steadily exported to Europe, the US, China Brazil etc. Main parts of the machine are pro- ven subject to strict test, and highly durable. We make incessant R&D efforts to improve quality. In closing, we appreciate this opportunity to introduce our products. In a near future, we look forward with keen attention to serving your needs with our new products.   Thanks you very much.